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Welcome to the IChemE Journal Archive 1923-1996

The Institution of Chemical Engineers has digitized its journal archive back to 1923. The archive, in PDF format, is fully searchable by volume and author, and by keyword across the full text of every article.

The archive from 1997 is included with current online subscriptions.

Benefits of the archive include:

  • Over 70 years of essential research at your fingertips
  • Over 4000 original papers published to the highest peer-reviewed standards
  • Rapid location of information through full-text searching

    Using the archive:

  • Single articles can be purchased online for £10 +Vat
  • Annual subscriptions to the archive for site wide access via IP range
  • One-off lifetime access via IP range or local hosting

To find out more about purchasing the complete archive, including price options, please contact journals@icheme.org

Start Searching

Search the archive by individual or multiple keywords across all of the journals or individual titles by selecting one title from the drop-down box.

ChERD: Chemical Engineering Research and Design
PSEP: Process Safety and Environmental Protection
FBP: Food and Bioproducts Processing

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Single or Multiple words may be searched for (up to 50).
For two (or more) words separated by a space, the search will find articles that include either (or any) of the words.
For two (or more) words joined by a plus sign (+), the search will only find articles that include both (or all) of the words.

To view the results you will need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. This can be acquired from here.